Sometimes, you just gotta say NO

Hello my name is Margaret and sometimes….I just do too damn much!

Between family, working my businesses and life in general, there are days when I just wanna go and hide.

Yup I’m having a venting moment.

And yes I know how to say friends and family.  But business is a little different.

I knew that when I started working for myself everything would be on me….the marketing, the work, the finding of clients, the whole ball of wax.  And there are times when I seem to be handling it all quite well and I’m grateful for the ability to not only determine my paycheck but my schedule as well (And that is my greatest blessing even during my venting time)

But there are those days where I wish I was independently wealthy to  just go somewhere and let folks take care of me for weeks at a time.  I think I need a vacation.

How do you handle those days where you wanna chuck everything to the four winds and do nothing?

Margaret Salmond is a 40-something Mom, Nana and business women. She is a travel agent who owns That Travel Chick That Travel Chick You can also find her on Facebook Margs World on Facebook You can sign up for the newsletter here Sign up for our newsletter
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