Getting organized & Staying that way

OK here it goes *clears throat*

My name is Margaret and (deep sigh) …. I have clutter *the horror* Rolling Eyes

I was getting dressed today and I took a hard look at the top of my dresser.  Stuff everywhere. Then when I walked past my desk, I saw it again.  Stuff everywhere.

And its not like I can blame it on kids and their stuff cause there is no one but me.  I work and file things away (sometimes) but mostly, its a pile that gets moved from side to side on my desk lol

Now normally, I don’t make resolutions cause like most folks, I don’t keep up with them but this year (well coming year)  I have resolved to get my clutter under control.

I have slowly began the process by standing over the garbage can to read my mail.  Yup anything that I dont need, want or will see myself using, gets tossed right then.  I have taken myself off of different mailing lists (want to do the same check this out ) and next up, getting rid of the paper sitting on my desk. Insane

How do you keep your clutter at bay?
Do you have any organizers blogs that I should be studying like it the SAT’s?

Help a sista out. I’m open to all ideas

Hurry Up

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